Trim Wraps Up Style for Rooms

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How the interior of a house gets trimmed out contributes greatly to the overall character of that house. In many ways, a well thought-out trim design can turn a drab and plain vanilla interior into something rich and complex, as well as architecturally dynamic.

One of the most interesting ways to use trim is as a connective element to tie together the elements within a space and to reinforce the space’s architecture. So when laying out trim, some architects and other designers will often look for ways to use trim to connect windows, doors, soffits etc. and to use trim to establish datum points or spring lines on which other features appear. The trim becomes a kind of ribbon that holds the wrapping paper in place.

In these instances, the trim, whether stained or painted, is often flat and simple. The profile of the trim is much less important than how the trim travels around the room making connections and framing elements.

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